How to Lose Your Day Job: Write Fiction

broke-piggy“I am a writer.”

Yes, that sounds totally bad ass with your black square framed glasses, a pencil in hand–even though you write on your laptop–as you sit in the middle of Starbucks thinking up the next great American novel.

At some point in all our lives, we have aspired to be writers. Whether you want to write fan fiction, to being the next Stephen King. We all have a story to tell, and for some of us, it becomes an itch we need to scratch.

BUT…yes there’s always a but…if you plan to go down this road, which a lot of us are crazy enough to do, we know we probably won’t make a dime until we croak. Which brings us to the purpose of Two Broke Writers.

We’re just two chicks in¬†different stages of our writing careers, trying to become best sellers, while working 9 to 5’s.¬†Because this insane path we’ve chosen, doesn’t come with overnight success. It comes with many sleepless nights, Ramen noodles three times a day, and stealing toilet paper from the McDonald’s down the road. Yes, deciding to be a writer means we’re broke. Because NO ONE does it for the money and if they do…well they’re insane.

So welcome to our world where we’ll share all our tips and advice from the things that have worked to the not so smart decisions we’ve made during this hectic but beautiful journey.

On September 5th, we will upload our first video on our YouTube channel, Two Broke Writers, where you can join us every Friday for writing tips, book reviews, our adventures and much much more!

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Until next time fellow broke writers!