How Important is Networking?


Being a self-published author, the hardest thing I’ve had to overcome is talking to people. I know, crazy right? But like many writers, I am the definition of an introvert. I don’t like to speak much, I like to people watch, and I value my alone time. So when I had to start marketing my first novel, my stomach fell and I thought it was going to shoot out my ass.

“What do you mean I have to talk to strangers and pimp myself out?!” 

I mean, hello? I write for a reason. I’m a loner, I have voices in my head that’ll give any schizo a run for their money, pajamas are my preferred choice of clothing, and I DON’T LIKE TO TALK TO PEOPLE!

Unfortunately, we cannot be islands, sometimes we need help and that’s where networking comes in. Whether you need an extra hand with promotions, advice on your current WIP’s, or someone to just bounce ideas off, we all need to connect with writers like us.

Yes, even us cranky, coffee inhaling folks need to be with our kind. I know I’m embellishing here, but work with me! I can’t function without my cup of joe first thing in the morning.

In the short time that I’ve been involved in the Indie community, I have met some of the greatest people from all walks of life, and they’ve been a HUGE help in the process of self-publishing. Here’s why:

A Writers Life Is A Lonely Life

Point blank, we’re a weird bunch and our “non-writer” friends sometimes don’t get us.

dance 3


Just How Badly Do You Suck?

Your mom isn’t going to tell you that you write like a fifth grader, she’s going to love everything you do (thanks mom!), so what better way to bounce ideas and get proper critique on your work, then from fellow writers or people in the industry? They know what to look for!
i effed it up

I’ve Written A Book…Now What?

In the indie writing community you need a ton of other things done before you can hit the publish button. It can range from cover designers, to editors, formatters, etc… I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my dream team to work with and a lot of them were recommendations from other writers.

omg i need help

Bloggers Should Be Your Besties

One thing that many (including myself) don’t realize when we start out, is just how important bloggers are. They’re usually our #1 fans and marketing tools. Befriending them is essential in the indie world.

too precious for this world

Cross Promotion Is GOLD

The best promotion is cross promotion with other writers!! You scratch my back, I scratch yours…wink wink nudge nudge 😉

Yeah yeah

It’s Not Who You Know, But Who Knows You

Let’s be honest for a second…sometimes, our best advantage in this game called “life” are the friendships we make on the way. It can be a game changer for us struggling (broke) writers with an underwear drawer filled with rejection letters, and a stepping stone toward success.

get into character

So there you have it folks! Of course this isn’t all the reasons why networking is important, but it’s a start! Drop us a comment with your thoughts, we love to hear from our fellow broke writers!



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