About Us

photoKarina Espinosa

Author of the YA paranormal series, Sins of the Fallen.

I’m a certified Drama Queen that currently resides in South Florida where we’re called the sunshine state but it rains all the time. I’m a New York native so that means I need anger management. Pizza, ice cream, and coffee is the food of the Gods. I read like I need oxygen, and I don’t know what my life would be without Netflix. I’m weird, sarcastic, a music snob, and aspire to be the Joss Whedon of literature.


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imageMaxie Steer

Award-winning Poet, Struggling Fiction Writer, and (somewhat) Freelance Editor.

I have a coworker who calls me Mighty Mouse and I am charmed by the way words flow. I could stop there, but if that doesn’t tell you everything about me, keep reading: My background is in business administration and I dabble in entrepreneurship. Outside the rat-race, I make music with my friends and call South Florida my home. If you’re a good stalker, you’ll already know how to find me online.


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