Writing with a Pen Name: Part 2 (Choosing a Name)

I showed up to my first writing group meeting in January 2010 with shiny new poetry. After introducing myself with my real name and real writing history, they invited me to read the piece aloud. I sat on my hands, … Continue reading

Three Tips to Awaken Your Writing Muse

You’re just not feeling it. Everything you write is crap, and you know when you say it out loud it’s not in the narcissistic way you go fishing for compliments on your literary genius. Perhaps you haven’t even gained the energy to sit in … Continue reading

Advice for Aspiring Writers

We have a special video post today for our Broke Writers! Ever felt down in the dumps or wanting to give up on the struggle of being a writer? Well have no fear, because we here at Two Broke Writers and some of your favorite authors have tips and advice to give you to get you out of that rut! Check it out!

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